Beyond recycling: Three great ways to help stop climate change

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Just three ways…and millions of KIDS can use them!

There are so, so many ways to prevent climate change from getting out of hand, like buying an electric car, or having solar panels installed on your roof, or (better yet) voting for leaders who care about the climate. But if you’re not an adult and you can’t do these things yet––although if your family can, please encourage them to do so––what can you do?  Here are some of the best ways for kids to help defeat global warming.

The “Five Rs!” Recycling is useful, but it’s just one part of the five-part solution. Another way to un-trash (totally a word!) our planet is by using the “five Rs:” Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot, and of course, Recycle. Yes, recycle! But don’t JUST recycle:  refuse––don’t even buy––products that are unfriendly to the earth, like single-use items, items made of plastic,  or items with too much packaging; reduce your carbon emissions and the amount of things you do buy; reuse and/or repurpose the stuff you already have, and rot organic matter in your compost bin. 

Biking or walking! If you live in an area where the grocery store and other places that you visit often are close by, biking (or walking) is a great way to get some exercise and “go green”––! 

Take action! Ask others to join your cause! Educate people! Show them the facts! One of the very best ways to stop the Climate Crisis is by educating other people. Even if they’re adults who are stubborn or disbelieving, you can still plant a seed in their minds that makes them start to wonder if the world might really be heating up due to greenhouse gasses, after all…Educating other kids is great, too! If the kids who will inherit the earth care about it (even if their parents don’t) and fight against the rising temperatures and tides, our Home will have a fighting chance.

These might only be three small ways of fighting the Climate Crisis, but just imagine if everyone on the planet did these things? The earth would be in a lot less trouble. Yet these are only three in…infinity! Because there are an infinite number of solutions just waiting to be discovered, hiding in the light of your own imagination.

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