Me, SolarBear, drawn by myself in an anime style.

Hi! My web-name is SolarBear and my mission is to stop climate change, which, if you read this website, you’ll soon know all about.

Facts about me:  I am twelve years old, I have braces (blech!), I’m homeschooled, I’m a Girl Scout, I love animals, and I love reading and writing fantasy and graphic novels. I’m currently working on (count them!) three graphic novels, including one which will soon become a web comic on this site.

I live with my sister Callisto (that’s her web name), also twelve, who loves astronomy and animals and is the talented creator of the web comic On Thin Ice. She likes to do guest posts and help with illustrations. I also live with my mom and dad (who both help me with this website — thanks, guys!), and dog Hazel, who really doesn’t help me with my website at all. I’m also a big fan of Rachel Carson, Greta Thunberg, Amy & Ella Meeks, Dr. Katherine Hayhoe and all the other cool climate scientists and activists out there.

Of course, I’m an even bigger fan of planet Earth…and yes, polar bears!