Bored? Start a Recycling Bin

Recyclilng PersonMake a difference with a recycling bin!

An Alternative to Trash––?

Stop! Don’t throw that away!

“Then, what should I do with it?” you may ask. “It’s just trash.”

You can recycle it, that’s what!

But…you say you don’t have a recycling bin?!? And yet you love the earth, and want it to stick around?

Well, at least that’s easily fixed! Come on, we’ll make one!

How to make a recycling bin

  1. First, my plastic-bottle-using friend, find a large box you aren’t using.
  2. Second, you put your recycling––like that plastic bottle in your hand––in it!

Sooo easy!

And what do I mean by recycling? Well, I mean these things:

Recycling Types 2

Got that? Awesome! If you have any of the items shown above headed for the trash, clean them out, and put them into your new recycling bin, instead! Worried about it getting stinky or yucky? Just rinse out those containers, cans, and jars, and it won’t be a problem.

Then, when you’ve filled it up, either take the box of recycling to your local recycling center, or if your area has recycling pick-up, leave it out on the curb on trash-day.  You can look for your county’s or city’s recycling rules online. It’s that easy!

Note: Some recycling centers take more (or different) items for recycling, so be sure to check out what your local center can take.  That way, you can recycle even more items, or avoid contaminating a load with something that’s not supposed to be in there.

And remember, you’re not doing this for your own gain––although you will have less trash to take out––but to make the world better! Recycling is a huge part of stopping climate change.

And best of all…the polar bears thank you!

Polar Bear Thank You

4 thoughts on “Bored? Start a Recycling Bin”

  1. See how has been recycling for the longest time. This may require a family to ask their oldest grandparents. Why don’t you make some sort of a reward for the longest recycler in your neighborhood.

  2. Awesome! And it can help with global worming with is making ice melt, leaving the polar bears habitat 4 one of the thousands of examples that global worming is causing in habitat loss, Like the arctic with i believe is one of the examples in the totally awesome comic “On Thin Ice”! So keep up this TOTALY AWESOME WORK!!!!!!

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